Monday, February 13, 2017

Ayahuasca Acacia Brew Buy Online

What is Ayahuasca Acacia Brew? 

Acacia brew is using an acacia tree bark as a main spiritual connector instead of the ayahuasca wine.

The effects are virtually the  same as using the brew based on the Ayahuasca wine from the amazon jungle.

More on ayahuasca:

The original brew from the jungle is based on two plants:
* ayahuasca wine (Banisteriopsis capi) - spiritual connector
* chakruna leaves (Psychotria viridian) - the DMT / vision agent

The acacia brew is based on 2 plants:
* acacia bark (Acacia Confusa)- spiritual connector
* syrian rue seeds - the DMT / vision agent

We are trying to be conscious and eco friendly and use the ayahuasca brew when we are in South America. When in Europe and Asia we prefer to use the Acacia brew using the plants that grow locally and can still offer us the same healing properties. We believe there is no need to abuse one plant from one region and spend time and resources on shipment.

Our brew is prepared by in a Sacred Way and in a clean, countryside environment. It is not cooked in a big city and in some improvised manner.

The brew is prepared by a professional shaman Thomas White Eagle with over 10 years of experience of using the plant medicine and running ceremonies.

Thomas says: 'I have used this brew in my ceremonies for sometime now and I am very happy with the results and I would like to share this medicine with those that need it.'

Website of the shaman Thomas White Eagle:

What is included in the purchased package:
1) the quantity of acacia brew you have ordered
2) the appropriate amount of syrian rue seeds for the amount of medicine
3) instruction of how to prepare the syrian rue seeds tea
4) instructions of how to mix the two tees and which proportions to serve

To order please get in touch:
Thomas White Eagle

Please note:
We recommend you have a shaman to run a ceremony for you.

If you wish to participate in one of our healing retreat please visit:


  1. Error the Acacia is the DMT vision agent
    the Syrian rue is the MAOI ore like you name it the spiritual agent not otherwise.
    Howe strong is the Acacia brew ,how many doses has one litre ?

    Kind Regards


    1. use the email address: